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Atlas Cable Ascent 2.0 Hoparlör kablosu

Ürün Kategorisi Hoparlör Kablosu
Ürün Markası Atlas Cable
Ürün Modeli Ascent 2.0 Hoparlör Kablosu
Ürün Kodu -
Ürün Fiyatı KDV Dahil: 529,20 £ (3.893 ₺)


Yukarıda belirtilen fiyat 2 m fiyatı olup, farklı uzunluklar için sitemizde mevcut güncel fiyat listemize bakınız.
High performance speaker cable offering a true taste of ‘high-end ’ audio.
Ascent is the first speaker cable in our product hierarchy to use OCC (Ohno Continous Casting) copper connectors with a total 2.0mm² diameter. These ultra high purity ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) conductors are extremely transparent to the signal being passed, their mono-crystal structure ensuring minimum signal loss. For the dielectric, we use a high-efficiency PTFE (Teflon™) which again imposes virtually no signal degradation.
In conjunction with our cold-weld, wideband Transpose connectors, which give a superior connection to conventional solder or screw fixing, the result is a cable with little discernable character which allows your system to convey a level of detail, speed and dynamics which might well surprise you.

Teknik Detaylar

Construction:   Multi-core
Material:   OCC
Dielectric:   PTFE (Teflon™)
Screen:   N/A
Capacitance:   90.54 pF/m
Inductance:   0.557 µH/m
Resistance:   0.0133 Ohms/m
VOP:   0.74
Diameter:   8.2mm (Outside)
Lengths:   2 m / 3 m / 5 m / 7 m / 10 m / on request



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