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Atlas Cable Ascent Ultra RCA Analog kablo

Ürün Kategorisi Analog Ara Bağlantı Kablosu
Ürün Markası Atlas Cable
Ürün Modeli Ascent Ultra RCA Analog Ara Bağlantı Kabloları
Ürün Kodu -
Ürün Fiyatı KDV Dahil: 706,00 £ (5.147 ₺)


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The Ascent Ultra RCA is a wide-bandwidth interconnect designed to maximise the performance of high performance audio systems
The Ascent Ultra RCA interconnect uses separate going and return conductors together with a woven copper/Mylar™ screen maximising resistance to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) which can raise noise levels in a poorly shielded cable, resulting in a loss of low level detail. Two separate high purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper conductors with a high-efficiency/low impedance PEF dielectric are wired in a pseudo-balanced fashion again with the objective of reducing noise. Ascent is fitted with our low-mass wide-bandwidth Ultra RCA connectors (for fully balanced systems, the Ascent is available with XLR connectors.

Teknik Detaylar

  • Construction: Twin multicore plus screen
  • Material: OCC
  • Dielectric: PEF
  • Screen: N/A
  • Capacitance: 98.45 pF/m
  • Inductance: 0.562 µH/m
  • Resistance: 0.0288 Ohm/m
  • VOP: 0.72
  • Diameter: 9 (Outside)
  • Lengths: 0,50 m / 0,75 m / 1 m / 1,5 m / 2 m / 3 m / on request


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