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Atlas Cable Equator Bi-wire Hoparlör kablosu (100 m reel)

Ürün Kategorisi Montaj Kablosu
Ürün Markası Atlas Cable
Ürün Modeli Atlas Cable Hoparlör Montaj Kablosu (100 m)
Ürün Kodu -
Ürün Fiyatı KDV Dahil: 1.040,00 £ (7.651 ₺)


Equator Bi-wire is well suited as an upgrade for mid-level or older audio systems in need of a little ‘TLC.’
The Atlas Equator Bi-wire cable contains 2mm² conductors of concentric stranded OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) configured as two twisted conductors for the rejection of noise together with two additional conductors consisting of a pair of 1.2mm² solid conductors for the high frequencies.
These conductors are contained in a high-density PEF dielectric (insulation layer) that’s far more efficient than PVC or polyethylene. The superior dielectric offers both a better measured performance and an audible improvement in dynamics.
Equator Bi-wire is supplied in a pearl white finish, and can be terminated with Z-plugs or OFC spades.

Teknik Detaylar

Construction:   Multi-core LF/MF, Solid core HF (1.2mm)
Material:   OFC
Dielectric:   PEF
Screen:   None
Capacitance:   110.0 pF/m
Inductance:   0.618 µH/m
Resistance:   0.0059 Ohm/m
VOP:   0.7
Outside:   8.5mm (diameter)



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