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Atlas Cable Mavros BNC 75 Ohm kablo

Ürün Kategorisi Dijital Ara Bağlantı Kablosu
Ürün Markası Atlas Cable
Ürün Modeli Mavros BNC Dijital Ara Bağlantı Kabloları
Ürün Kodu -
Ürün Fiyatı KDV Dahil: 421,00 £ (3.112 ₺)


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A true reference class 75 Ohm digital cable.
The Mavros BNC cable is engineered as a cable with extremely precise transmission and termination standards, incorporating the same microporous PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric insulation as the other Mavros interconnects.
The centre conductor is comprised of a monofilament conductor and 18 strands of super pure copper wire insulated by a thin layer of microporous PTFE. This new dielectric behaves almost like the theoretically perfect insulator –free air – with minimal effect upon the signal being transmitted. The previous highest performance insulator, solid PTFE, has a dielectric constant of around 2.1 whilst the new PTFE (Teflon™) foam improves this figure to around 1.5, providing for a 30% greater signal velocity and better signal integrity, particularly in the area of high frequency timing and stability.
The co-axial double shielding layers are an aluminium Mylar™ foil followed by OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) braiding after which the whole cable is protected by a PVC jacket damped with cotton yarn.
With a termination impedance of almost exactly 75 Ohms at 1 MHz and a low conductor-to-conductor capacitance of around 50 pF per meter the Mavros BNC interconnect perfectly matches consumer digital audio equipment to ensure error-free transmission of high speed digital signals. The result is evident in the timing and dynamic range of musical performances where the temporal ‘smearing’ of lesser cables is absent.

Teknik Detaylar

  • Construction: Co-ax (1/0.7 Monofilament + 18/0.14)
  • Material: Silver Plated OFC
  • Dielectric: Microporous PTFE (Teflon™)
  • Screen: Braid OFC with Al Mylar™, 100%
  • Capacitance: 54.35 pF/m
  • Inductance: 0.230 µH/m
  • Resistance: 0.065 Ohms/m
  • Impedance: 77.43 Ohm at (1MHz)
  • VOP: 0.81
  • Diameter: 8.5mm (Outside )
  • Lengths: 0,5 m / 0,75 m / 1 m / 1,5 m / 2 m / 3 m / on request


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