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Atoll Electronique CD400SE DAC'lı CD çalar

Ürün Kategorisi CD Çalar
D/A Çeviri (DAC)
Ürün Markası Atoll Electronique
Ürün Modeli CD400SE DAC/CD Drive Player
Black Black
KDV Dahil : 5.580,00 (36.112 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10144

Silver Silver
KDV Dahil : 5.580,00 (36.112 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10145


The effortless presentation and detail is immediately noticeable, whether using the CD400se as a CD player or taking advantage of its SPDIF inputs and using the reference level dual mono internal Burr-Brown 1794 DACs. The 125dB signal to noise ratio and XLR outputs offer a very quiet or "black" back ground allowing to enjoy the musical presentation without any spurious artifacts.
The dual mono Burr-Brown digital to analog convertors and dual power supplies ensure top level performance unavailable at any player near the CD 400se price point. The Class A output with zero feedback offers accurate dynamics and detail deserving the Gamme 400 designation.
The modern yet elegant design mirrors the choice of a quality component and a statement of serious performance. The unique lines of the CD400SE match the aesthetics of the PR400 pre-amplifier and the IN400 integrated amplifier.
• Top loading CD Drive designed by Atoll
• 2 PCM1794 converters (one per channel)
• Discrete components symetrical output stages
• Specific design with no feedback
• MKP audiophile link capacitors
• 160VA toroidal transformer for audio stages
• Asynchronous USB-B input (24bits/192kHz)
• 2 digital inputs (1 coaxial & 1 optical)
• Digital Outputs (coaxial & optical)
• Stereo XLR outputs
• Stereo RCA line outputs

Teknik Detaylar

  • Total of capacitor: 22 500µF
  • Rising Time: 1,5µs
  • Bandwidth: 5Hz-20kHz
  • Output level: 3Vrms
  • Signal/Noise ratio: 125dB
  • Distortion at 1kHz : 0,001%
  • Dimensions : 430*320*90mm
  • Weight : 9 Kg (20 lbs)


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