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Atoll Electronique SDA200 Streamer Amplifikatör (All in one)

Ürün Kategorisi Streamer Amplifikatör
D/A Çeviri (DAC)
Ürün Markası Atoll Electronique
Ürün Modeli SDA200 DAC/Streamer/Integrated Amplifier
Black Black
KDV Dahil : 3.110,00 (20.127 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10146

Silver Silver
KDV Dahil : 3.110,00 (20.127 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10147


All audio files linked to the network can be read: FLAC/WAV up to 24 bits/192kHz, ALAC, AIFF, MP3…
Displays of all information’s (covers, files names, time…) “gapless” system (uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks)
DAC & Pre-amp / connecting:
2 USB « A » Inputs (1 front & 1 rear) up to 24 bits/192kHz
3 digital Inputs:
1 USB « B » (asynchronous 24 bits/192KHz)
1 Coaxial SPDIF (24 bits/192KHz)
1 Optical SPDIF (24 bits/96KHz)
2 Stereo RCA analog Inputs
1 RJ45 network link
1 Wifi antenna
1 Stereo RCA analog Output
1 Trigger 12V output
1 headphones Output (on front panel)
1 pair of terminal Outputs
Internet Radio:
Internet radios (MP3 or HD) with vTuner system: choice in 15000 stations, 120 countries, 56 genres, podcasts… –
Radio’s logos displays and all information’s available (titles, artists…)
1 Bluetooth® receiver (I2S interfaced to the PCM5102)
Specific transformer for power stages
Power (WRMS/8 Ohms) 2*80W
Power (WRMS/4 Ohms) 2*120W
Power supplies 330VA+30VA
End users:
3,5″ QVGA TFT color display
Remote control (volume control, Inputs selection, web radio setup…)
Control with a free downloadable Apple® or Androïd® app.
Audio specs:
Converter: PCM5102 (SNR: 112dB)
Symmetrical audio stages with discrete components polarized in AB class
MOSFET power transistors
Analog volume control (with commutated resistors) with possible By-Pass
MKP audiophile capacitors armored in an aluminum enclosure
1,5mm steel chassis
Aluminum front panel (black or silver) of 8mm
Dimensions: 440*290*90 mm

Teknik Detaylar

  • Power supplies (VA): 30 + 330 VA
  • Total of capacitors (µF): 44 618 µF
  • Power Wrms/channel/8Ω: 2*80 W
  • Puissance Wrms/channel/4Ω: 2*120 W
  • Dynamic: 112 dB
  • Input Impedance: 330 kOhm
  • Distortion at 1kHz: 0,005%
  • Bandwidth: 5Hz – 100kHz
  • Rising Time: 2 µs
  • Sensibility: 500 mV
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: 100 dBA
  • USB-B Input: Asynchronous 24bits/192kHz
  • DAC Converter: Burr-Brown PCM5102


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