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Audionet DNP Streamer

Ürün Kategorisi Preamplifikatör
Streamer Amplifikatör
Ürün Markası AudioNet
Ürün Modeli DNP DAC/Streamer/Pre Amplifier
Black Black
KDV Dahil : 13.620,00 (89.458 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10043

Silver Silver
KDV Dahil : 13.620,00 (89.458 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS00050


Audionet’s new DNP (Digital Network Preamplifier) offers a new standard in combining world class tone, dynamics and reference class sound staging with access to a multitude of digital formats, turning digital music data into a captivating listening experiences. The Audionet DNP is a high potential preamplifier that competes favorably with the world’s best, including our own, all analog Audionet PRE G2. The Audionet DNP is capable of handling both coarse and fine dynamic with outstanding musical exactness and finesse while paying special attention to imaging as well as room correction. In combination with Audionet’s new reference external power supply, the EPX, the DNP reaches new levels of performance, featuring the usual Audionet qualities of presenting music as realistic as possible and free from grain, distortion or coloration, while offering also rarely found level of convenience and customization in integrating signals from computers, servers, HDD, USB sticks and streaming from the internet.

Teknik Detaylar

  • Frequency response: 0 – 1,000,000 Hz (-3 dB), DC-coupled
  • 2 – 1,000,000 Hz (-3 dB), AC-coupled, DC servo 1st order
  • Slew Rate: 10 V/µsec
  • Channel separation: between channels: >100 dB at 20 kHz
  • between inputs: >108 dB at 20 kHz
  • Input voltage: max. 5 Vrms
  • Input impedance: Line: 50 kOhm real
  • XLR: 7 kOhm real
  • Output voltage: Line: max. 6 Vrms
  • XLR: max. 12 Vrms
  • Headphones: max. 6 Vrms (max. gain 6 dB)
  • Output impedance: Line: 24 Ohm real
  • XLR: 48 Ohm real
  • Headphones: 24 Ohm real
  • Filtering capacity: 62,000µF


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