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Balanced Audio Technology VK-P6 Lambalı Pikap Preamplifikatörü

Ürün Kategorisi Lambalı Preamplifikatör
Pikap Preamplifikatörü
Ürün Markası Balanced Audio Technology
Ürün Modeli VK-P6 Tube Phono Stage Pre Amplifier
Black Black
KDV Dahil : 6.140,00 $ (35.982 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10082

Silver Silver
KDV Dahil : 6.140,00 $ (35.982 ₺)
Ürün Kodu : AOS10083


Available for a lower price than the model it replaces, Balanced Audio Technology's VK-P6 phonostage delivers an astonishing combination of performance and value. Incorporating many of the exact engineering elements found in BAT's reference VK-P12 Series, VK-P6 employs ten tubes in a dual-mono, zero-feedback topology.  Impregnable construction and enormous energy reserves are matched by extensive flexibility in cartridge loading. This spectacular audiophile component touts greatly extended dynamic range and the ability to resolve harmonic and reverberant detail in the quietest passages.

Teknik Detaylar

  • Inputs: 1x RCA,
  • Outputs: 1x XLR
  • Weight-unpackaged: 36 lb(16kg)
  • Gain:
  • Low Gain 50dB
  • High Gain 55dB
  • Signal To Noise:
  • Low Gain 71dB
  • High Gain 73dB
  • Tube Complement:  8x 6922, 2x 6SN7
  • Cartridge Loading:
  • Resistance Selectable 100Ohm to 47kOhm
  • Capacitance Selectable 100pF to 1000pF
  • Polarity Switch:
  • Selectable - 0 to 180 NA
  • Power Supply Energy Storage:  140 joules
  • Power Consumption: 150VA
  • Dimensions: 19"Wx5.75"Hx15.5"D
  • (48cm W x 15cm H x 40cm D)


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